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Published and/or Submitted Manuscripts and Reports Generated from the Project
  • Amir H. Asiaee, Prashant Doshi, Todd Minning, Satya Sahoo, Priti Parikh, Amit Sheth and Rick L. Tarleton.From Questions to Effective Answers: On the Utility of Knowledge-Driven Querying Systems for Life Sciences Data. DILS 2013, 9th International Conference on Data Integration in Life Sciences, 2013.
  • Priti P. Parikh, Todd A. Minning, Vinh Nguyen, Sarasi Lalithsena, Amir H. Asiaee, Satya S. Sahoo, Prashant Doshi, Rick Tarleton, and Amit P. Sheth. "A Semantic Problem Solving Environment for Integrative Parasite Research: Identification of Intervention Targets for Trypanosoma cruzi" PLoS Negl Trop Dis 6(1): e1458. doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0001458, 2012. PMID: 22272365 (link)
  • Vinh Nguyen, Olivier Bodenreider, Todd Minning, Amit Sheth. "The knowledge-driven exploration of integrated biomedical knowledge sources facilitates the generation of new hypotheses." In the proceedings of Linked Science, 2011. (link)(pdf).
  • Satya S. Sahoo, Vinh Nguyen, Olivier Bodenreider, Priti Parikh, Todd Minning, Amit P. Sheth. "A Unified Framework for Managing Provenance Information in Translational Research." BMC Bioinformatics 2011, 12:461 doi:10.1186/1471-2105-12-461. PMID: 22126369.(link)
  • Ajith Ranabahu, Priti Parikh, Maryam Panahiazar, Amit Sheth and Flora Logan-Klumpler. "Kino: A Generic Document Management System for Biologists Using SA-REST and Faceted Search." 2011. Fifth IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC 2011).(link)(pdf)
  • Ajith Ranabahu, Amit Sheth, Maryam Panahiazar, Sanjaya Wijeratne, Semantic Annotation and Search for resources in the next Generation Web with SA-REST. W3C Workshop on Data and Services Integration, October 20-21 2011, Bedford, MA, USA
  • Valerie Cross, Cosmin Stroe, Xueheng Hu, Pramit Silwal, Maryam Panahiazar, Isabel F. Cruz, Priti Parikh, and Amit Sheth. 2011. "Aligning the Parasite Experiment Ontology and the Ontology for Biomedical Investigations Using AgreementMaker," International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO 2011).(link)(pdf)
  • Jun Zhao, Satya S. Sahoo, Paolo Missier, Amit Sheth, Carole Goble, 'Extending Semantic provenance into the Web of Data', IEEE Internet Computing special issue on 'Provenance in Web Applications' 2011. (link)(pdf)
  • Satya S. Sahoo, Olivier Bodenreider, Pascal Hitzler, Amit Sheth and Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, 'Provenance Context Entity (PaCE): Scalable provenance tracking for scientific RDF data.' In the 22nd International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDBM), Heidelberg, Germany 2010.
  • Uthayasanker Thayasivam and Prashant Doshi, “On the Utility of WordNet for Ontology Alignment: Is it Really  Worth It?”, available as a technical report, UGA‐CS‐TR‐2011‐001.
  • Paolo Missier, Satya S Sahoo, Jun Zhao, Carole Goble, Amit Sheth (2010) Janus: from Workflows to Semantic Provenance and Linked Open Data. In Procs. The 3rd International Provenane and Annotation Workshop, Troy NY, USA, June 15‐16, 2010
  • A. Asiaee, Prashant Doshi, Todd Minning, Satya Sahoo, Priti Parikh, Amit Sheth and Rick L. Tarleton, “From Questions to Effective Answers: On the Utility of Knowledge‐Driven Querying Systems for Life Sciences Data”, Knoesis Center Technical Report, 2010.
  • S.S. Sahoo, D.B. Weatherly, R. Mutharaju, P. Anantharam, A. Sheth, R.L. Tarleton, “Ontology-driven Provenance Management in eScience: an Application in Parasite Research”, The 8th International Conference on Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics, (ODBASE 2009), Vilamoura, Algarve-Portugal, Nov 02 - 04, 2009.
  • S.S. Sahoo, A. Sheth, “Provenir ontology: Towards a Framework for eScience Provenance Management”, Microsoft eScience Workshop, Pittsburgh, PA Oct 15-17, 2009.
  • P. Doshi, R. Kolli, C. Thomas, Inexact matching of ontology graphs using expectation-maximization, Journal of Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web, In Press 29 January 2009, ISSN 1570-8268, DOI: 10.1016/j.websem.2008.12.001.
  • S.S. Sahoo, R.S. Barga, J. Goldstein, A. Sheth, "Provenance Algebra and Materialized View-based Provenance Management, Microsoft Research Technical Report, (MSR-TR-2008-170) November 2008.
  • P.N. Mendes, B. McKnight, A.P. Sheth, J.C. Kissinger, "TcruziKB: Enabling Complex Queries for Genomic Data Exploration," International Conference on Semantic Computing, vol. 0, no. 0, pp. 432-439, 2008 IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, 2008.10.1109/ICSC.2008.93
  • Vinh Nguyen, Priti Parikh, Satya Sahoo, Amit Sheth, 'Managing provenance information in parasite research' poster, OCCBIO, Columbus, 6‐8 June 2010.
  • Vinh Nguyen, Satya Sahoo, Priti Parikh, Todd Minning, Brent Weatherly, Flora Logan, Amit Sheth, Rick Tarleton, 'Biomedical Ontologies for Parasite Research', ISMB, Boston, 11‐13 July 2010.
  • Amir Asiaee, “Semantics and Services Enabled Problem‐Solving Environment for T. cruzi”, poster presented at the UGA CS Research Day (second runner‐up award)
  • Ora Lassila and Amit Sheth, "Semantic Web for 360‐degree Health: State-of‐the‐Art & Vision for Better Interoperability", Invited Talk at ONC‐HHS Invitational Workshop on Next Generation Interoperability for Health, Washington DC, January 19‐20, 2011.
  • A. Sheth , R. Tarleton , P. Doshi , M. Musen , N. Noy , S.S. Sahoo , D.B. Weatherly , P.N. Mendes, “Collaborative RO1 with NCBO Semantics and Services Enabled Problem Solving Environment For Trypanosoma Cruzi”, NCBC-AHM08, poster link