SA-REST Annotator (NCBO Version)

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This is a special version of the SA-REST annotator that is capable of connecting to the NCBO backend and show search / browse functionality to the user. This version is also known as the Kino edition, since it is associated with the Kino faceted search engine.

Latest version and Browser Requirements


Note : Following version updates, there would be minor differences in the illustrations from the actual process - For example, the content of the context menu may not exactly be the illustrated image.

  • Download the latest XPI file and save it (See the previous section for the download link).
  • In Firefox goto File > Open file
  • Browse for the XPI and open it. Then software installation dialog should appear.
  • Approve the installation in other dialogs and restart the browser when prompted.

Adding annotations

When the plugin is active, the context menu has three new items.


Highlight a word or a phrase or just right click on a link. This pops up a dialog similar to the following.


Selecting the concept will populate the annotation box with the full identifier of the relevant concept. Press ok to accept this annotation.

Once you have added all the annotations to the page, select publish annotations to send them to the server.